Monday, October 11, 2010

"Treasured" Moments

Lately Baby Chick Designs has been featured quite reguarly in Etsy Treasuries. We always appreciate being included and love to see the wonderful artistic combination of hand-made items in every treasury we are featured in. Below are just a couple of the treasuries for your enjoyment. Thanks to Deersprite, Pink Glitter Boutique, and SeaPinks for including us!

Eggplant Print - 1st row at

Blueberry Cupcake Print - 3rd row at

"Mommy & Me Lambs" Print - 2nd row at


  1. Congrats on being in all those treasuries. Love your etsy shop and blog!!!

  2. I love your shop too! And it's always to get featured in a treasury!~=)

  3. And, today the "Farm Chic" treasury you see above with the farmhouse made it to the FRONT PAGE on Etsy...and I sold 3 prints from our Barnyard Babies Collection because of it!