Friday, February 26, 2010

Etsy Treasury Fun!

Our designs were featured in some beautiful Etsy treasuries this week from the following Etsy sellers:

"Butterfly Kisses" by Monique Jewelry Design
"Drops of Sunshine" by Noogal

See our "Pink" & "Yellow/Orange" Butterflies with Flowers Wall Art in these treasuries.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Artist at Work...New Collection!

On the eve of introducing our new collection "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" I decided to take some action shots of the artist at work! My mother, Harriet Babchick, artist and co-founder of Baby Chick Designs works daily on designs for our business and Etsy shop. She has her own studio in her converted garage...a move she made some years ago when she realized how much more work she could get done with a studio a couple feet away from the house. These photos show some of what her "process" is....starting with an idea, researching the "form" it will take...this may include running to the antique shop for a still-life model of what she is drawing/painting...and finally sketching it all out. Sketch after sketch reveals the final composition and then the question of color comes into play. Color is her specialty and what's she's known for...vibrant colors. I usually "peek" in somewhere in the middle of this process and "oooh and ahhh" and give little pointers here and there...which she graciously accepts (most of the time!)

I have to admit that it works for us! Visit our Etsy shop to see the final designs in this collection...coming in the next couple of days!

All designs are copyrighted under Harriet Babchick, Artist, Baby Chick Designs, LLC.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sock Monkeys Rule! Especially ones from Canada!

OK, my new obsession is sock moneys! These adorable, funny, silly, little handmade lovies made out of socks are irresistable. I'm featuring one of my favorite sellers...Tweeling on Etsy in the spirit of the Olympics. I ordered the most lovely little sock monkey named "Heather" for my daughter and son. And fyi...don't buy just 1 sock monkey for two children, BIG MISTAKE! I'm going to have to buy another soon. Anyway...I really bought her for myself...but she has now been officially adopted by my 2 yr old son Matthew who blurts out "I want my monkey" several times a day and we go running to find her. "Heather" came from Canada, where Tweeling is from...and she arrived within a week or so in perfect condition with a cute little tag describing herself and what she likes to do..."play dress-up." I encourage every family with children to buy one of these darling handmade sock monkeys. As Tweeling says..."I think that everyone is an individual and that children should be encouraged to be individuals. So if you have a one of a kind kid (or grownup for that matter) at home why not consider getting them a one of a kind gift!"

Here are some precious ones for sale right now...Pat and Primrose!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring is coming soon...

Warm up your little girl's room or playroom with this vibrant "Butterflies with Flowers" Wall Art design. Available in fine art giclee prints or canvas wraps. Personalization available on all designs!

Great way to get your kids to wash their hands!

Amazing soaps by this featured Etsy Seller, Soapopotamus. I don't know whether to eat these or wash my hands with them. Amazing...and yummy!

Welcome to Baby Chick Designs Blog!

Welcome to our blog! As our first posting, I would like to briefly introduce ourselves. My name is Debbie, daughter of the very talented artist and co-founder of Baby Chick Designs, Harriet Babchick. I'm the face of the business side of things here at Baby Chick Designs. This blog will serve as a place ot keep our readers updated on our ever growing business! Let me answer some basic questions for you that will explain who we are and how and why we got started...

Mother daughter team that realized that finding tasteful, timeless art for kids rooms is not an easy task!
Harriet Babchick - Artist & Co-Owner
Debbie Weinstein - Sales/Marketing & Co-Owner

When decorating my little 4 year old girl's new "big girl" talented artist mother decided to make some adorable barnyard baby animal watercolors. We took one look at them and realized that other families would love them as much as we do. We worked over a year designing new collections and researching affordable ways to bring the designs to the public at an affordable price, without sacrificing the quality of the artwork. Through the art and process of giclee printing and canvas wrap we were able to do just that!

How are we different? My mother's signature style is unique. Vivid colors, narrative backgrounds, natural environments, and realistic forms characterize her designs. Think "Beatrice Potter-like." Her designs have been described as "timeless," "reminds us of the innocence of childhood," and "keepsakes for future generations." She has stayed true to her style, using her vast experience as an artist to reinvent traditional children's art themes resulting in one of a kind designs!

I will also be posting other sites and companies I love that offer products and services for families and children. I am a mommy, and I know how hard it is to find the perfect gift, item for your children, or service desperately needed! You might also see the occasional little bit of "mommy advice" or a great mobile upload of my favorite dessert! You never know...follow this blog to see what's up weekly!

Collections: Barnyard Babies, Safari Animals, Butterflies with Flowers, My Little Cupcake, Ice Cream Treasts...and more coming soon!

Canvas Wraps and Fine Art Prints available.
Personalization available on all designs!

View our collections at and in our Etsy Shop at

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