Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sock Monkeys Rule! Especially ones from Canada!

OK, my new obsession is sock moneys! These adorable, funny, silly, little handmade lovies made out of socks are irresistable. I'm featuring one of my favorite sellers...Tweeling on Etsy in the spirit of the Olympics. I ordered the most lovely little sock monkey named "Heather" for my daughter and son. And fyi...don't buy just 1 sock monkey for two children, BIG MISTAKE! I'm going to have to buy another soon. Anyway...I really bought her for myself...but she has now been officially adopted by my 2 yr old son Matthew who blurts out "I want my monkey" several times a day and we go running to find her. "Heather" came from Canada, where Tweeling is from...and she arrived within a week or so in perfect condition with a cute little tag describing herself and what she likes to do..."play dress-up." I encourage every family with children to buy one of these darling handmade sock monkeys. As Tweeling says..."I think that everyone is an individual and that children should be encouraged to be individuals. So if you have a one of a kind kid (or grownup for that matter) at home why not consider getting them a one of a kind gift!"

Here are some precious ones for sale right now...Pat and Primrose!


  1. absolutely adorable, super cute!

  2. I just saw the Etsy VOTE for your favorite Olympic-related item and I think the Canadian Sock Monkey should have been in there!!